Monday, July 8, 2013

Hey! Guess what? You are a human

Dumb things I do, chapter 1782:
Decide I don't have time to eat.
Decide I don't want to spend good money to eat meh food.
Decide I can eat in Manhattan after the train.
Decide I don't need a drink, because I can't take it on the train anyway.
Decide I can wait a little while to eat because that looks cool over there. What is that?
Decide I don't need to eat breakfast anymore, I should look for lunch instead.
Decide 1 glass of water every 3 hrs in summer walking miles every day is enough.
Decide I don't even feel that hungry after all. When was the last time I ate? Last night sometime? Weird. I usually eat more than this. Wonder why I'm not hungry.
Decide that's not a problem.
Decide that the euphoria & energy I feel after finally having some water, a little cheese & glazed nuts, & gin is better used hunting a dress than hunting a full meal.
Decide I will have no problem finding a place to eat, after I leave with my new dress. Even though I am noticing a bit of a headache.
Decide to have some water. Some more water. Weird how I keep draining the water glass.
Decide I am not eating bar food for that much money.
So thirsty.
Decide I should train south before seriously looking for dinner.
Hrm. Maybe I should go home before dinner.
Whoa. I do not feel so good. Lucky I'm almost at my stop.
I'll just drop the dress off, have some water, grab a few nuts & go find dinner.
Crap. Crap head. Crap crap. 
Maybe a few dried cherries. 
Huh, I didn't want to fill up dinner space with trail mix, but I guess I needed that.
Man my head hurts.
Going to have to take some aspirin. Then I'll go find dinner.
Ulgh. Thinking about dinner makes me want to hurl. I better lay down. In the dark. I need to eat something before morning, but I cannot stomach the idea of eating.
Huh. It is midnight. Sorta feel better. Headache still back there somewhere though.
I should probably not do that again. Brains want food. And water. They punish you for not giving them what they want. Even why you are trying to look after them by giving them only the most perfectly delicious and worth the money food! 
Brains. So demanding.

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