Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Guess who can't spell Stuyvesant ?

things I've seen in one day

Girl in front of me after I got topside from the subway was carrying identical polka dot umbrella to the one in my hand, and walking with girl with faded blue hair

Orthodox boy in yarmulke & payot on the tiniest big wheel ever, completely unattended & rocking out

Man sitting in parked van at streetcorner honks at me to get me to cross, "You've got to take chances," he shouts

Street of car repair garage places, after hours, alleyway turned into calypso party, shielded by greenery, dancers & steel drums snaking through the slips of light and shadows

Caribbean take out place packed at 11 pm on a Monday, ox tail soup appetites of hipsters UNQUENCHABLE

Beautiful woman with limp and fiddle arrives too late to play her guest spot at Live Jazz nite. Or maybe it was a banjo? She was sad & I tried to smile winningly at her but perhaps I was creepy

Black 60ish woman checking on me to make sure I wasn't getting creamed by traffic as I crossed the street behind her and a white 20ish man. "You've got to be quick," she laughed

My landlord, tossing delicious vegan dinner together out of what looks like absolutely nothing, saving me from having to go out in curlers. Next morning made me espresso out of vintage machine that quietly removed the beans' soul and slowly streamed it into a German earthenware wine cup

dude at Mexican grocery/diner frustrated by jukebox, offering me singles & speaking to me in Spanish. "No thank you," I repeat. Neither the waitress not several other customers interested in helping him, either

my mother, worried about me & calling to check on me. I love you but I can't worry about you worrying about me.


  1. Was the Caribbean take-out place The Islands? Their oxtail is ridiculously good.