Sunday, August 4, 2013

Three lists from my trip

I am capable of

Wearing un-ironed clothes
Making toast in a frying pan
Saying yes to an invitation from a stranger
Paying $4 for water with gratitude in my heart
Wearing sequins on the subway
Walking Manhattan in heels
Making friends out of strangers and hanging out with them on additional occasions
Getting to the beach all by myself without a car
Grocery shopping in the big city
Making appointments in other boroughs & keeping them
Living auto-free

Names I was called

Blondie! Hey, Blondie!
Carrie Bradshaw
Pretty little white girl
Meg Ryan, before she got all old & stuff 
White Beyonce
Angel from heaven
Natural woman
Model for Barbie, if there is one
A woman with a good appetite

Marriage proposals I received

from a 20something boy so drunk he could barely stand on the dance floor
from a boy on the street I'm pretty sure wasn't legal for wedlock 

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